America's Top CEOs, According to Glassdoor Reviews:

When people review their employers on Glassdoor, the site asks them whether they approve, disapprove, or are neutral about the CEOs of these companies. Every year, Glassdoor uses this information to compile a list of the top CEOs in the U.S. and elsewhere.

This year's crop of most-approved executives was announced last month – check out some of the results below, or head to Glassdoor's site for the full list of top CEOs across multiple categories, plus 2017's "Best Places to Work."

To give some context to the stunningly high approval ratings on display here, it's worth noting the average CEO approval rating on Glassdoor is 67 percent.

The Top 10 CEOs in the U.S.:

1. The Clorox Company's Benno Dorer (99 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: "The leadership team gives a greater focus on people development at every level. As such, the company makes huge investments in learning and development through ... career-broadening assignments, job rotations, and leadership training."

2. World Wide Technology's Jim Kavanaugh (99 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: "The executive team is amazingly friendly and sincere, which does not go unnoticed by new employees."

3. Boston Scientific's Michael F. Mahoney (99 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: "Great leadership with [a] progressive and innovative mindset. Growing company that's focused on developing and retaining diverse talent."

4. Memorial Sloan Kettering's Craig B. Thompson (99 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: "[Memorial Sloan Kettering] is a very good place to work because everybody is trained to treat each other with respect. Whether it be your managers, colleagues, or the higher-ups, everybody understands and helps one another. This is a very solid foundation for an institution."

5. Fast Enterprises' Martin Rankin (99 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: "The partners are very approachable and obviously care quite a bit about their employees. As we continue to grow, this outlook has not changed. We have a very generous benefits package and an amazing annual general meeting each year where each of the partners offers their thanks to the employees and each provides insights into different areas of the company, keeping the employees filled in."

6. NVIDIA's Jen-Hsun Huang (99 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: "The management system – a non-hierarchical network that is continuously reconfigured to tackle the challenge at hand – allows talent at all levels to shine and keeps politics at a minimum. Through a rare combination of strategic genius, business acumen, engineering know-how, and hard work, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is building one of the most important computing companies in the history of the industry."

7. Bain Company's Bob Bechek (98 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: It's in the DNA of Bainies to support one another, coach, and mentor. I feel like I have an amazing set of mentors supporting my career, all the way from senior directors to my peers."

8. SpaceX's Elon Musk (98 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: "Leadership gives you the resources and authority to work autonomously (and/or within a small group) to accomplish the company's goals, which frequently means that even junior engineers are given opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the company right out of the gate, which gives you an intense feeling of ownership and responsibility."

9. HubSpot's Brian Halligan (98 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: "Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, and JD Sherman are some of the most transparent ... leaders I've ever worked with. The fact that we have access to their thoughts, concerns, vision, etc. in real time and at our fingertips at any minute means we can all do our jobs that much better."

10. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg (98 percent approval)

Sample Glassdoor review: "It might sound cheesy, but the best part of working at Facebook is knowing that management truly cares about my success and well-being. The benefits are nice, but being trusted and supported with stellar people? That's what really counts."

Some common threads running between employee reviews of these top CEOs: support for employee development, transparency, appreciation, autonomy, and respect. If you're angling to become a great leader yourself – or simply want to keep employees happy, engaged, and productive – you'd do well to pay attention to these aspects of your own company/team.

Top 10 CEOs at Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the U.S.:

1. Sprout Social's Justyn Howard (99 percent approval)

2. Slingshot's Taylor Olson (99 percent approval)

3. Eliot Management Group's Brady Harris (99 percent approval)

4. Illuminate Education's Lane Rankin (99 percent approval)

5. Skuid's Ken McElrath (99 percent approval)

6. Sendero's Bret Farrar (99 percent approval)

7. Podium's Eric Rea (99 percent approval)

8. CoverMyMeds' Matt Scantland (99 percent approval)

9. Health Catalyst' Dan Burton (98 percent approval)

10. Masergy' Chris MacFarland (97 percent approval)

Top 5 Women CEOs in the U.S.

1. Enterprise Holdings' Pamela M. (Pam) Nicholson (96 percent approval)

2. In-N-Out Burger's Lynsi Snyder (94 percent approval rating)

3. Deloitte's Cathy Engelbert (94 percent approval rating)

4. General Motors' Mary Barra (91 percent approval rating)

5. Fidelity Investments' Abby Johnson (91 percent approval rating)