Americans want Hillary Clinton Russia probe, pollster Mark Penn says

A former strategist for Bill and Hillary Clinton told FOX Business on Thursday that surveys about the Republicans’ plan to repeal ObamaCare revealed Democrats have the upper hand.

“Right now, the Democrats have the edge on the health care issue,” Mark Penn said. “If you ask whether ObamaCare is failing, we got in this month’s poll – 53% say it’s not failing and in fact voters want to keep a lot of the elements of ObamaCare except for the mandate.”

Penn, now the chairman of Harris Poll, also discussed Americans’ perception of the House Judiciary Committee’s investigations of former FBI Director James Comey and the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign. He said there are two different viewpoints on these matters.

“Almost two-thirds say these investigations are hurting the country — all of them,” he said. “When I ask them should they investigate something like Clinton’s Uranium One deal, two-thirds also say yes. Just as 75% said yes to an independent counsel.”

The veteran pollster noted Americans think there are too many investigations.

“The public says yes investigate…leaks…Clinton’s Uranium One deal… investigate Trump, then they turn around and say we’ve got too many investigations I really want taxes and infrastructure and all those good things that will keep our economy growing,” he said.