Amazon just started selling an entire hospital room online for $285K

Amazon sells just about everything on its massive online platform, including, as of this week, an entire, ready-to-go hospital room.

Produced by EIR Healthcare and known as the MedModular, the product has been dubbed the world’s first “smart hospital room in a box.”

Amazon has it listed for $285,000.

“They can deliver anything to hospitals from toilets to syringes to gauze,” EIR Healthcare CEO Grant Geiger told FOX Business. “What we’re doing is expanding that definition further to include real estate.”

It’s not necessarily being marketed to the everyday person, however. Geiger said they anticipate that hospital facilities will buy the 350-square-feet rooms, which include the bed and full bathroom.

They’re also compliance with building code specifications. In fact, the New York-based company is already in active negotiations with hospitals and health systems across the U.S., Geiger said.


While the cost is a little more expensive than other construction prices in the U.S. -- it tends to be more costly in urban areas and less so in rural areas -- he said the price is largely for the convenience. The product is delivered about 95 percent complete, and everything in the room is manufactured and will be delivered on site, via a tractor-trailer.

“The idea is that we’re reimagining the future of what we call healthcare real estate and pushing the idea that real estate can be delivered as a service,” he said.