'All Clear' Given at World Financial Center

By FOXBusiness

Police have given the "all clear" signal after a suspicious package containing an apparent hand grenade prompted the evacuation of Two World Financial Center in downtown Manhattan.

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Both the FBI and the NYPD were on scene and have determined that the grenade was a novelty item, a fake hand grenade sent to an employee to put on his or her desk.

The package was found this morning by a screener and prompted a massive evacuation.

The building, located near the Sept. 11 World Trade Center memorial, is home to major financial institutions, including Merrill Lynch, Nomura Securities (NYSE:NMR), Deloitte, Commerzbank and Oppenheimer Funds, which together employ thousands of people.

Built in 1987, it has 2.6 million square feet of office space and 44 floors.