Ads Coming to Apple's US App Store

Apple is bringing ads to the App Store and expanding its app subscription program, the company announced ahead of its Worldwide Developers Conference next week.

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The advertising program, called "Search Ads

Apple says an ad will only display if it is relevant to the search query, meaning developers can't pay extra to include their app alongside more search terms. In addition, an ad for a specific app will only show up if the user doesn't already have it installed.

Targeting features will allow developers to find potential users by harnessing Apple's data on their demographic profile and device's location. But Apple says Search Ads will follow the same privacy protocols it has developed for other services. That means ads can't track users' App Store searches, collect individual data, or be shown to minors under age 13.

The introduction of ads is the latest tweak to how app store results are displayed, following a change last fall

Meanwhile, Apple's app subscription program will expand

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