A University to Train People to Fly Drones

As drones continue to be a growth industry that is creating jobs, there is a new university to train people how to fly and engineer drones.

“It’s primarily a distance learning online course for the systems engineering part of it.  But when we teach people to fly drones obviously it’s hands on and they have to go get hooked up with one of our instructor pilots,” Unmanned Vehicle University Provost John Minor told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Minor then explained the length of the course and the work involved for students.

“The typical online course takes about a year to do a master’s degree.  The drone pilot training, there’s about 16 hours of ground school the go through online, 10 hours of flight training, then they spend two full days with an instructor pilot,” said Minor.  And it costs students $3,500.

According to Minor there are numerous career paths once the students receive their degree.

“We have a lot of graduates that start up their own companies,” Minor continued, “We’ve identified over 300 commercial applications from real estate to agriculture to power inspections.”

Minor weighed in on concerns terrorists could utilize the training to do harm.

“We work closely with the FBI, we vet people that are going through our drone pilot training, so we don’t have a concern about that,” said Minor.