A Tuxedo Pro Takes on the World of Shipping

Small Business Spotlight: Unishippers

Who: Shawn Sullivan

What: A franchise of Unishippers, which specializes in business to business shipping

When: 2013

Where: Rochester, Massachusetts

How: Unishippers franchise owner Shawn Sullivan owned a tuxedo rental shop for 25 years he says before deciding to close shop and enter the Unishippers family. Why Unishippers? In addition to a rigorous examination of the company, “I liked the idea of B2B sales,” says Sullivan, “and it’s not like selling a glass to someone using paper products. Everyone needs this!”

Unishippers services small- and medium-sized businesses to help with their shipping needs. “We do freight shipping and full-truck load shipping,” says Sullivan.

Biggest challenge: “Finding the time of day!” says Sullivan, who runs the franchise by himself. “Daylight hours aren’t long enough.  With a B2B company, you need to contact customers between the hours of 8 and 5, and there’s just not enough time,” he adds.

One moment in time: “I’ve become very confident dealing with customers, and truly enjoy dealing with people one on one. In my current job, I meet a lot of business owners that are in a lot of different industries,” says Sullivan.

Best business advice: Sullivan’s best piece of advice is simple: “Work really hard.” He says, “You can’t buy a franchise and think money will roll in. You need to put in a lot of time and effort.”

Influential book: Recently, Sullivan has been benefiting from guides on the art of cold-calling, which is doing in order to grow his business. “I had never done it before!” he says.

Quote from the owner: “I’m the fourth national franchise owner. The majority [of franchise owners] have territories, but a national account gives me access to sell to anyone in the country.”

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