A New Way to Protect Your Business From Hackers

Twitter releases two-step authentication, which could help protect your company’s Twitter account from getting into the hands of hackers. Plus, find out how two nonprofits are coming together to nurture the next generation of startups.

Kickstarting new startups: AOL co-founder Steve Case’s nonprofit Startup America Partnership is joining up with Startup Weekend (a Seattle-based organization) to better help startups outside of San Francisco and New York City.

The only education you need? One Forbes contributor says when it comes to making a fortune, book smarts trump formal education.

Nice people finish first? Inc.com speaks with entrepreneur Luis von Ahn about why company culture is so important – and why he’s looking for a “nice guy” when recruiting.

Protect your social media: Twitter has turned on two-step authentication in an attempt to up the security for users.