A look at all of Trump's surprise wedding appearances

Since taking office, President Trump has made several surprise wedding appearances at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

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Most recently, the president dropped in on the wedding of PJ and Nicole Mongelli at the Trump National Golf Club on Saturday.

PJ Mongelli described the day as "monumental."

“It was such a beautiful thing," he said. "It just shows the character he has."

The bride and groom are big supporters of the president, and sported flags and pro-Trump banners at their wedding reception.

“The response was amazing. The energy in that whole ballroom was unbelievable, even the waitresses, waiters, and staff said they’ve never seen a wedding with such amazing energy, so it was really nice” Nicole Mongelli said.

The newlyweds noted that they did send an invite to Trump and he did not crash the wedding.

“We’re just amazed, it’s very surreal. I feel like we’re dreaming” Nicole Mongelli said.

This is not the first time the president has made surprise appearances at weddings held at his New Jersey golf club.

Here is a list of the other instances where Trump has made an appearance:

June 30, 2018

Trump, who spent the weekend at his own resort, decided to crash the wedding of Gerald Papa and Jenna Buchholtz. The appearance was completely unexpected.

Partygoers shouted at Trump, "We love you!" as he told people in the crowd to "take care of" the bride and groom. He appeared to hug and kiss the bride on the cheek — to the excitement of guests — and shook the groom's hand.

September 30, 2017

This appearance occurred on the eve that Trump attended the Presidents Cup golf tournament at the Liberty National Golf Course, where he presented the trophy to the U.S. champions team. Josh Mueller, the brother of the bride, posted on Instagram saying “got to meet president Trump last night at my sister’s wedding!!!!! Awesome guy and amazing experience! Secret service is pretty cool too!”

August 5, 2017

This was yet another surprise appearance by Trump that, although brief, stunned guests just the same.

Guests shrieked, “Oh my God,” as the president rolled up to the married couple-to-be in a golf cart and took a quick selfie and asked if everyone was having a good time.

Surprised guests took to social media pretty quickly with a wide range of commentary including: “He was less orange than I expected,” “Look who Mike bumped into at Trump National” and “Such a beautiful day and celebration! And also, a run in with 45.”

June 10, 2017

While on his retreat this time, newlyweds Kristen Piatkowski and Tucker Gladhill were stunned by Trump’s surprise appearance at their reception. The president posed for several photos and selfies with guests and even autographed "Make America Great Again" hats.

"It was very brief. He waved to everyone,” Sean Burke, a wedding guest, told The Washington Post. “The bride came running out, and he gave her a big hug and a kiss, so she was just ecstatic. And then the groom found out, too. No one knew it was going to happen.”

The crowd began chanting "USA" after the president departed.

February 12, 2017 

This surprise appearance occurred moments after the president held a news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The couple at this wedding was Vanessa Falk and Carl Lindner IV, the son of Carl Lindner III, who is the co-CEO of a multibillion-dollar investment firm and who gave money to multiple pro-Trump super-PACs.

Trump posed for several pictures and even grabbed the mic to say a few words to the couple and the crowd.

"Ladies and gentleman, all I can say is that I know both families very, very well," Trump says in a video posted on Instagram. "They've been members of this club for a long time. They've paid me a fortune."

"These are two great families. And perhaps, more importantly, this is a really beautiful couple. I wish you love and success and everything that comes with it."

"I saw them out on the lawn today and I said to the prime minister of Japan, I said, 'C'mon Shinzo, let's go over and say hello.' So we took some pictures, some really good pictures, of the prime minister and the president. It's an honor, an honor to be with you. Now, let's get back to dancing."