99% vs. 1%: Which Group Are You In?

Do you ever wonder why so many people use the same old financial strategies for retirement planning that simply do not work? We all know that the financial world has changed dramatically over the last decade. Why have only 1% of advisors changed their advice?

Here’s a shocker for you. The “experts” you see on TV and hear on the radio are WRONG! They are selling advertising space, not helping the consumer. Here is what they all say. See if it sounds familiar:

  • Stay the course.
  • We’re in this for the long haul
  • Those are only paper losses.
  • The market outperforms everything.
  • Everyone loses money sometimes.
  • Blah, blah, blah!

This advice did not work when the market crashed in 2001. It did not work when the market crashed in 2008. And it WILL NOT work next time!

The reality is that 99% of financial advisors and industry experts out there give the same advice. They haven’t changed. You know the old wolf in sheep’s clothing story, right? A wolf is a wolf no matter how you dress it up. Why are people still listening?

Here’s a better question. Why are Americans still losing money in their retirement accounts?! It is no longer necessary. There are better safe money options available today.

So what do the other 1% of advisors specialize in? How about SAFETY? I am among the 1% of advisors in this country who specialize exclusively in safe money solutions for retirement. I realized that times have changed so I had to change. I will not accept any of my clients losing money, ever!

It’s easier and sometimes more profitable to just follow the crowd. The 99% are content to collect their fees and ride the market. Maybe they’re lazy, maybe they’re stupid, maybe they’re already wealthy, I don’t know. Here is what I do know, it’s YOUR MONEY! Stop letting the 99% treat you like it’s theirs. Take control of your future.

Here are the 2 MAGIC questions to ask any financial professional who wants to give you advice:

“Mr. 99% financial advisor, what did you do with your retirement accounts in 2008? May I see your actual statement?”

If they lost 40% of their own money or they refuse to show you their own statements, WHY WOULD YOU WORK WITH THAT PERSON? Don’t walk out of that office, RUN! It’s like putting the wolf in the sheep’s den even though you know it’s a wolf!

I am happy to show my client’s that I did not lose any money in 2008. None of my client’s lost money then, and they never will. You don’t have to either.

There are safe money insurance solutions available where no one has ever lost a penny. When the market goes up you can go up with it and when it goes down you do not lose anything. Simple. You can get a paycheck for life no matter how long you live. There are even options available where your income will double for long term care needs. Simple, reasonable, and safe.

You now have the ability to protect your future, grow your income account at a guaranteed rate until you are ready to start taking it, and protect your income and principal no matter how old you get.  Stop trying to hit a home run all the time, those days are over. You can be part of the 1% who are changing the world of retirement planning.