92-Yr-Old First Time Voter Meets Inspiration Donald Trump

92-year-old Beada Corum says she has never voted before in her life… but that is about to change because of one 2016 presidential candidate- Donald Trump.

In an interview on FOX Business Network’s The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan, Corum was introduced to the candidate for the first time ever, after his candid comments on America’s economy convinced her that he’d make a great president.

“I like the way he stands up and speaks out… and I think he’s going to be the man to straighten this country out,” Corum said. “After I heard him [Trump] three or four times on TV and he made a lot of sense to me… we need this economy to be better, we need our jobs back… I think he’ll be one that can get in and straighten it all out.”

Trump was equally impressed with Corum.

“She sounds so smart, if she were running for office I would be voting for her too,” said Trump. “She’s amazing, she’s so brilliant.”

Corum added, “he sounds like he’s the man who can clean this country up and get America back the way it’s supposed to be.”

The soon-to-be first-time voter said she is frustrated with current leadership in Washington.

“The ones [politicians] we’ve had in there have never done anything,” Corum said. “They say they’re going to do this and do that, but they never do those things.” She added, “they ought to have gotten rid of Obama a long time ago…”

Donald Trump is one of 10 candidates who will be appearing in the first GOP debate on the Fox News Channel Thursday evening.