80% of Millennials Get Their News From This Website


One in two American millennials—the key demographic—are clicking on the British tabloid news site Dailymail.com.

“We’re unashamedly populous and popular. We don’t have snobbery perhaps like some of our writers in America who think that news is one thing and not another,” Piers Morgan, U.S. editor-at-large for Daily Mail tells FOXBusiness.com.

The website is currently attracting over 240 million unique visitors globally per month, 80 million of them are from the U.S. alone. Last year, the website saw digital ad revenues grow by 17% in the UK and 66% in the U.S in the fourth quarter.

“I think the power of the Mail is its simplicity. 1200 stories a day. None of them stay up for more than 24 hours. You’ve got 10,000 photos and 650 videos. You’re just pounding people all the time with new updated material,” adds Morgan.

According to comScore.com (NASDAQ:SCOR), Yahoo sites (NASDAQ:YHOO) had 206 million unique U.S. visitors as of March.

Morgan, who left Time Warner’s CNN (NYSE:TWX) in 2014 after taking over for Larry King says Daily Mail’s key to success is that they are willing to embrace everything.

“Whether it’s celebrity culture, pop culture, news or politics, whatever it may be we don’t take the position that anything is above or below us,” says Morgan. “People want to know about war plans in Iraq as they do about Beyonce’s new album or what Madonna is wearing on the red carpet.”

The site is known for its flashy headlines, scandalous stories, and revealing pictures. The site has also grown its video views by 500% in the last two years.

“We post over 650 videos a day. I can see that number doubling and tripling over the next two or three years,” he adds. “And obviously everyone in our game knows that if you own and create the video that is where you can really grow revenue and I think that is an exciting challenge for us.”

Morgan started his career in journalism nearly 30 years ago in London and predicts print newspapers have less than 20 years to go.

“Everything will be online. It will all be digital and if you display enough content in a compelling way then the audience will come.”