8 tricks to not rack up card debt during the holidays

Dear To Her Credit,I've been trying hard this year to work down my credit carddebt, and I'm proud of the progress I've made. If I keep this up, I'll be debtfree by next summer.

I'm worried about the holidays coming up, though. Everyyear, my list of people to buy for gets longer. If we exchange gifts one year,we have to the next -- and it can never be something noticeably cheaper thanlast year's gift. I even buy gifts just to stash in the closet, just so I havesomething to pull out when people drop by with surprise presents.

How can I keep from maxing out my credit cards this yearwithout feeling like a Scrooge? -- Tiana

Dear Tiana,Oh, the ever-expanding Christmas gift list! I know how thatgoes -- a fun little gift one year given with the best of intentions leads todecades of gift exchanging that turns into anything but fun. It's madness.

I got the most delightful e-mail from a friend this year.She said, "Let's not exchange gifts this year." She noted that ourkids are older (at ages 28 and 30, they won't cry if I don't send a toy), andwe both have new daughters-in-law to shop for.

So we've called a truce. I won't send to her and her kids,and she won't send to mine.

The gift list isn't the only thing that expands year afteryear, however. Christmas card lists get longer and longer. Once you're in acard database, you'll probably get their cheery missive from now until you die --or after. (I've been guilty of addressing a card to the long-deceased before. Fortunatelymy husband caught it before it was mailed.)

Here are some ways you can enjoy the season without rackingup a lot of credit card debt:

I'll still get plenty of shopping in for the most importantpeople on my list. I actually enjoy gift shopping, which I think is done bestwith a friend and plenty of latte stops. It's the most fun before the crowdsget too big or panic sets in, while you can still take time to admire thedecorations and critique the Christmas music together.

Enjoy your friends and family this season -- preferably infront of a fire with a cup of homemade hot chocolate. Sometimes agreeing not togive so many gifts is the best gift of all.

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