8 inexpensive date ideas

Even when money is tight, you can still have a lot of fun on a date. What really matters is not how much you spend, but how you relate to each other. In fact, budget dates can be some of the best, because they tend to be low pressure and involve a lot of face time, giving you a chance to get to know your date and build chemistry.

Try these eight date ideas that are heavy on interaction and light on spending:

1. Take a hike and enjoy a picnic

Hiking through the great outdoors to the perfect picnic spot gives you a chance to enjoy nature and chat together. And discovering a waterfall or coming upon a field of wildflowers can make hearts skip a beat. The only cost involved in this date is picnic food. Ask beforehand about your date's favorites.

2. People watch

Go to the local coffee shop, get a latte and make a game of watching other visitors. Guess the age and circumstances of the couple across the room and try to imagine what they're talking about. You'll probably be wrong about the strangers surrounding you, but you'll have a good laugh.

3. Browse an art gallery or museum

Art galleries are often free and museum tickets are usually inexpensive. Soak in the history and culture while discussing the exhibits. You can make the experience even more satisfying and impress your date by researching the collection before you go.

4. Visit your local bookstore or library

Make a game of your visit by each choosing two or three books that you would read, and then trade. Sit down and take a quick look at the books each of you have chosen and have a conversation about them. A person's reading preferences say a lot about him or her, so this exercise can give clues to how compatible you are.

5. Bowl or shoot pool

A friendly game of bowling or pool is inexpensive and can reveal a great deal about a person. You may learn how competitive your date is and whether he or she has good sportsmanship. Don't forget to budget for a few drinks or snacks.

6. Stargaze

Nothing spells romance more than laying back on a blanket and studying the constellations. Bring binoculars or a telescope, seek out the Big Dipper and get ready to build special memories. Make the date even more memorable by brushing up on your astronomy ahead of time.

7. Cook a meal together

Spending time in the kitchen creating inexpensive meals can save you money and give you a chance to chat and learn more about each other's food preferences. Pop open a reasonably priced bottle of wine and watch the conversation flow.

8. Hold a movie screening

Head to the video store together and rent your favorite movies of all time. Then hold a screening where you politely critique each other's choices. Doing this gives you a chance to see how diplomatic your date is and can offer insight into the issues that mean a lot to him or her.

Besides helping to bolster your savings account, dating on a budget fosters creativity. So get inspired and make your next date an experience in romance and sensible spending.

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