8 Easy Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills


Do you ever leave a networking conversation feeling like it was a total waste of your time? Or sit down with a colleague … and not remember what you discussed 15 minutes later? Inc.com has eight strategies that will make you a better communicator. And would you ever turn to your parents for a business loan? The Wall Street Journal reports on a new trend of entrepreneurs seeking early inheritances.

Time for an overhaul?  The New York Times profiles a marketing and communications company that realized it needed to totally revamp its technology in order to compete.

Heading to the Bank of Mom and Dad: The Wall Street Journal reports that cash-strapped entrepreneurs are turning to their parents for early inheritances in order to fund their dreams.

No handshaking allowed: Entrepreneur on how handshakes and verbal agreements can destroy businesses.

Stop talking, start communicating: Inc.com has eight simple ways to become a better, more effective communicator.