6 Discontinued Cars That Millennials Love


It's no surprise that young people buy used cars more often than new cars, but what they are buying may surprise you. A September 2015 analysis by Edmunds.com found 6 discontinued cars that are popular with millennials, and they aren't just the cheap models. Take a look at what millennials love, and where these used cars are most popular.

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1. Pontiac Aztek

Model years: 2001 to 2005Average price: $2,673Top 5 states: Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Indiana

2. Dodge Magnum

Model years: 2005 to 2008Average price: $7,135Top 5 states: Michigan, Florida, California, Texas, Ohio

3. Saturn Outlook

Model years: 2007 to 2009Average price: $10,550Top 5 states: Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

4. Chrysler Pacifica

Model years: 2004 to 2008Average price: $5,054Top 5 states: Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Illinois

5. Volkswagen R32

Model years: 2004, 2008 (only 2 model years)Average price: $15,389Top 5 states: California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington, Massachusetts

6. Chevrolet Trailblazer

Model years: 2002 to 2009Average price: $6,409Top 5 states: Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Illinois

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