6 Awesome Startup Employee Perks

By FOXBusiness

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Business: A startup focused on making invention accessible by crowdsourcing new product ideas. Where: New York, New York Who: Nikki Kaufman, head of People and Culture Cool perk: “The first week of every quarter, we totally shut down the office,” says Kaufman, forcing staffers to take the full week off. Which equals four weeks a year of mandatory vacation – on top of Quirky’s unlimited vacation policy. Why it works: “We’re catered to these sprints and reaching quarterly goals. We give people a chance to accomplish amazing things and push the limits of what’s possible on tight deadlines, so we want them to have the time to go to doctor’s appointments, spend time with kids … whatever makes people feel good,” says Kaufman, who adds that no one has abused the company’s generous vacation policy. VIDEO: Crazy Startup Perks 

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