5 Steps to Make Your Business Green for Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! In today’s roundup, we’ve got five tips that will make your business a whole lot greener. Plus, strategies for increasing sales and becoming a savvier international company.

Go eco-friendly for Earth Day? In honor of Earth Day, you might want to take a look at the way your business uses natural resources. One of the easiest environmentally friendly moves is cutting back on paper. Here are 5 steps to going totally paper-free.

Sell more, pay less: Inc.com has three tips for upping sales while decreasing the number of salespeople you employ.

Do you sound like a boss? A new study from Duke University and UC San Diego finds that deeper voices mean higher paychecks for CEOs.

Do international business better: For businesses that work abroad, unstable local currencies can pose a huge problem. Find out how some American-based businesses are managing their money in foreign countries.