5 Reasons to Start Your Small Business on Weekends


Every now and then I get contacted by people who are interested in starting their own business and want to find out what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. If I have time, I always enjoy talking to these aspiring business owners.

One question that always comes up is “Should I quit my corporate job?”

It’s a big decision and I can totally relate that once you have found the calling to run your own business, you just want to pack your stuff and run out of that office. But … here are five reasons why I recommend that you hold your horses – and start your small business on the weekends.

1. You stay motivated

As I mentioned, I can relate. You might be really bored or frustrated at your job and that’s why you want to just give up and do your own thing. But developing your own thing – on weekends – might actually boost your motivation for the rest of the week as well. Hopefully your day job is somehow in the same area as your new business and you will find renewed drive for it. And even if it isn’t, the new motivation will get you through the week much easier.

2. You keep in touch with the industry

If your new weekend project is in the same industry as your day job, you will benefit from living this parallel life for a while because you keep in touch. You develop important relationships with key players in this sector, who will come in handy once you are on your own. Often the first clients of a newly established business are related to the previous activities of the owner. People do business with people. Take advantage of your corporate role – you are getting paid to network, which will never be the case again when you are on your own.

3. You build your Personal Brand

Another similar benefit is the fact that you are building your Personal Brand at your corporate job. People will remember you as the person, the expert in your industry, not the company you worked for. But you are being exposed to different people who you might not have access to if you weren’t in the corporate world.

4. You don’t run the risk of going bankrupt

Of course there’s the financial benefit too. Maybe you have a company car, a nice bonus, health insurance that’s covered by your employer, free lunches, etc. Well, you would definitely have to say goodbye to those nice benefits. Furthermore, you would have to get used to the idea of making no money at all during the first 6-12 months, and probably less money then you could make at your comfy office job even the year after that. Which is why I recommend you give it a try first and sacrifice a few weekends. And then cut the money cord when you see the first big checks come in from your new project.

5. You can change your mind

What if you realize there’s no market for your product? What if you realize the entrepreneur lifestyle is not for you? What if?? Being an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea. Launch your business, but do it during the weekends first before you quit your corporate job.

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