$423K Rolls-Royce Speeds to Top of Robb Report's Convertible Category

Robb Report’s June issue will feature the lifestyle magazine’s annual “Best of the Best” awards. Robb Report Editor-in-Chief Brett Anderson gave the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria an up close look at the winner of the convertible car category.

“We have a number of different categories for automotive including sports car and GTs and the Rolls-Royce won for the convertible category,” Anderson told host Maria Bartiromo.

Anderson then explained some of the history behind the “Dawn.”

“It’s a very classic design, it’s inspired by the great convertibles of the past. The name, ‘Dawn,’ is taken from ‘Silver Dawn,’ which was a classic touring car in the post-war era and it was actually the first car that was made in the factory at Rolls-Royce because originally Rolls-Royce would build the engines and the chassis and then they would go to the Coach shops to be finished to the clients’ specifications,” Anderson said.

Anderson then described some of the features of the car.

“It’s got that very contemporary sensibility, it’s fun. Most everything here is touch screen; You’ve got full navigation system, all the things that you would expect in a car like this. You’ve got a 16-speaker sound system that adjusts itself to the level of background noise,” said Anderson.

Yet among all the high-tech features of the car is an analog clock.

“This is something they do because it’s Rolls-Royce, they want to maintain that sense of tradition so they’ve got the analog clock,” Anderson said.

And for drivers who need relief from rush-hour traffic, Anderson pointed out that “This does have a massage function on the seats.”

For those wondering about the capabilities of the Rolls-Royce “Dawn” engine, Anderson said, “This car tops out at 155 mph, but that’s moderated. In other words the manufacturer has set the system to not allow you to go faster than 155 because of safety concerns, but the engine is capable of producing much higher speeds.”

Rolls-Royce only makes a few hundred of the “Dawn,” so “This is a rare thing. You can get this car at Rolls-Royce Manhattan for $423K,” said Anderson.