4 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Job Interview


An analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found the unemployment rate for recent grads is just over 5%; compared to 2.7% for college graduates as a whole. Meanwhile, the rate of underemployment stands at 45% for this group.

If you are a recent grad who is now on the job hunt, here are some potential challenges you may face during interviews, and my tips to help you overcome them. (Go to www.foxandfriends.com to watch the full segment.)

Happy hunting!


Your interviewer seems distracted

Remember: The good news is you know it isn’t personal.

Cheryl’s tip: Find ways to make pointed, engaging points, jokes, observations, that will get them to engage with you.

Your interviewer has bad body language

Remember: So much of the time, we are so focused on what we want to say and project, we miss the signs the person is not engaged; it could mean they are not impressed or interested.

Cheryl’s tip: Try to lean forward with enthusiasm, exude confidence, smile and project energy.

They don’t offer any next steps after the interview

Remember: This not only is a bad sign, it feels bad, as it likely means they, for whatever reason, have no intention to call you back.

Cheryl’s tip: Remain composed, thank the interviewer for their time and send a follow up thank you.  Then, move on.

Your interviewer shows no enthusiasm

Remember: They should show interest in your resume, skills and goals.

Cheryl’s tip: Turn the tables on them: find out what gets them excited about the job and the company. You should feel chemistry and a connection with that person on some level. Trust your gut. It may lead you to change tactics mid interview.