4 to Watch: Why Are You Paying More for Gas?

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1. Exporting the energy boom?

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As the U.S. becomes more successful in producing oil, refiners are now shipping more fuel overseas than ever before, but there are many laws surrounding what the U.S. can ship, and what needs to stay in the country. The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore says the U.S. ought to be exporting more, but Stansberry Research analyst Matt Badiali says that’s not a smart idea, instead it should stay put, where it can lower the cost of energy and lead to job creation.

2. Heating bills going up

The U.S. is tops when it comes to energy production, but heating bills are expected to rise this winter, according to the Department of Energy. OPIS chief oil analyst Denton Cinquegrana explains why heating bills are still going up, and what consumers and small businesses can do to avoid huge bills.

3. Politics stalling progress in shutdown talks?

Former Advisor to President George W. Bush Brad Blakeman and FNC contributor Jehmu Greene weigh in on the way politics are affecting the shutdown debate.  And NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin discusses the way the Obama Administration is discussing the threat of a default, which White House aides say can lead to a recession.

4. SEC ends probe of Apple’s $102B in offshore cash

Former Apple CEO Gil Amelio on whether the SEC’s case against Apple stemmed from a basic lack of understanding about the way successful companies work. It’s estimated that Apple will pay $7 billion in taxes next year, but Amelio says if you don’t pay homage to the Beltway, then you’re going to get called onto the floor.

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