4 to Watch: What Would It Cost to Change the Redskins’ Name?

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1. The cost of changing the Redskins’ name

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Many are seeing red in Washington over the Redskins’ name, which many are saying is politically incorrect. Putting aside issues of right or wrong, what are the costs of changing the name? Shankman & Honig’s Peter Shankman, Sports Illustrated video anchor Maggie Gray and Quantum Networks CEO Ari Zoldan weigh in on the controversy.

2. Should Sebelius step down?

Sen. Lamar Alexander, (R-Tenn.) says Sebelius’ performance wouldn’t be tolerated in the private sector, and she should step down.  He says we need accountability – even in the public sector. In this regard, Sen. Alexander is calling for a weekly report in order to track the progress in the exchange.

3. ObamaCare contractor under fire

National Review Columnist Jillian Kay Melchior says it’s shocking that a billion-dollar contract was given to a U.K. firm under investigation for falsifying records. However, the firm, Serco, spent a lot of money  on public lobbying, which Melchior says may explain why the company was awarded the contract.

4. Next budget battle heating up?

Is the White House actually signaling that it could be flexible on taxes in the next budget deal? Former Rep. Tom DeLay, (R-Texas) says the Obama Administration is trying to frame the debate, and Republicans need to act strong on the issue.

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