4 to Watch: What Would an ObamaCare Plan Cost You?

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1. Implementing health exchanges

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Florida Blue CEO Pat Geraghty says his insurance company experienced a tremendous amount of volume yesterday when ObamaCare exchanges went online. He says his company plans to hold 3,000 educational seminars at Florida Blue’s retail centers to educate consumers on the new health-care law.

2. What would a plan on the health-care exchange cost you?

FBN’s Gerri Willis says few Americans fully understand the health-care law. American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin says most people expected low deductibles, but looking at plans in D.C., Connecticut and Colorado, annual deductibles will run as much as a couple thousand dollars. U.S. News & World Report Head of Health Care Analysis Ben Harder says his company’s been rating the public plans, and even the cheapest plans on ObamaCare mean high out-of-pocket costs for consumers.

3. How immigration transformed American politics

‘Shaping our Nation’ author Michael Barone says America has been multicultural since the Founding Fathers created the United States, and religious tolerance and individual rights has worked very well for the country throughout its history. Barone says it’s nearly impossible to predict when surges of immigration begin and when they come to an end.

4. Does the shutdown bickering hurt America’s image overseas?

FBN’s Neil Cavuto says potential enemies are looking closely at the U.S. government shutdown and the apparent domestic instability. Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says the country has had massive shootings, a presidential line in the sand and no leadership on avoiding government shutdown. He says the U.S. has no true north as a country, which is problematic on the international stage.

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