4 to Watch: The Top High-Paying Jobs with Low Stress

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1. High pay, low pressure?

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Is it possible to be paid well without working crazy hours under a lot of stress? Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Jeff Gardere and FNC’s Monica Crowley says yes. Orthodontists make over $186,000 a year, says Gardere, and there’s not a ton of stress involved. Economists and mathematicians make more than $90,000 a year; Crowley says these jobs may be less stressful because they’re primarily solitary positions.

2. Helping America’s heroes

Concerned Veterans for America Advisor Karen Vaughn, the mother of a Navy SEAL, says America has turned its back on veterans. Vaughn says 40% of returning veterans in the New York area are on food stamps, and Americans need to come together to prevent this fate.

3. Veterans Affairs makes progress on backlog of disability claims

Back in March, 256,000 veterans were waiting more than a year for benefits. Now, the number has fallen to 34,000 – real progress, says FBN’s Lou Dobbs. The overall backlog at the V.A. was 900,000 in March, but it’s fallen to 401,000 thanks to mandated case worker overtime.

4. Is ObamaCare a jobs killer?

Despite a soaring stock market, the president’s approval ratings are in the dumps. Zacks.com senior equities strategist Jared Levy and Ty J. Young Wealth Management CEO Ty Young weigh in on the markets’ impact on the perception of President Obama, and whether a good economy could undo the damage done by ObamaCare.

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