4 to Watch: Retirement No Longer in the Cards for Americans?

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1. Will you ever be able to fully retire?

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FBN’s Melissa Francis reports one in five Americans don’t think they’ll ever be able to completely retire. United Advisors’ Scott Martin says many are blaming the financial crisis and didn’t get the right financial advice, given that the S&P is at an all-time high. Powell Financial Group’s Pat Powell says another problem is that Americans aren’t fully planning and are letting other goals get in the way.

2. Reforming the U.S. tax system

Is the country hurtling toward a government shutdown? Former National Economic Council Director Lawrence Lindsey shares his thoughts on ObamaCare, and whether Larry Summers would have been a smart pick for Fed chair.

3. The consequences of big government

‘Never Enough’ author William Voegeli says, when asked in the abstract, people say they don’t want big government. But when asked about specific aspects, he says people are more amenable to the idea of big government solving problems. Voegeli says liberals have a built-in advantage, because everyone thinks ‘more is better,’ but Republicans have a much sounder argument when it comes to fiscal policy.

4. Floyd Mayweather: Boxing is still alive

After his last bout, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is $100 million richer. In an earlier interview with FBN’s Neil Cavuto, Mike Tyson says he’s now broke, after earning nearly one billion dollars over his career. Mayweather says he could retire today and be fine for the rest of his life, and that surrounding himself with the right advisors has been key when it comes to protecting his fortune.

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