4 to Watch: Is It Better to Work for a Man or a Woman?

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1. Who would you rather work for: a man or a woman?

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A new study says more people would rather work for a man than a woman, but lifestyle coach Samantha Ettus says the number of people who like working for women is on the rise. FBN’s Dennis Kneale says he would prefer working for a woman, as he says women are less confrontational than men. However, celebrity journalist David Caplan says women are more emotional than men.

2. Online shopping pitfalls

Consumer Reports Senior Projects Editor Tod Marks says scam artists have become so good that they can fool even the savviest shopper these days – and it’s necessary to read the fine print. He says it’s best to shop at well-known, reputable stores before adding to your cart online.

3. Finding solutions to ObamaCare

Rep. Tom Price, (R-Ga.) is fighting for a repeal of ObamaCare, and he says the current mess is proving Republicans right regarding the legislation. Rep. Price weighs in on the fraudulent sites pretending to be Healthcare.gov, as well as the security issues plaguing the online exchange.

4. How safe is the ObamaCare website?

Former White House Cybersecurity Czar Howard Schmidt says the ObamaCare website has a lot of security flaws, and he suggests it might be best to start from square one when it comes to improving the site.

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