4 to Watch: How to Have Money Talks with Aging Parents

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1. Iran’s nuclear future

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Has Iran’s crippled economy led to a change of heart? FNC contributor Lisa Daftari says Israel has every right to be skeptical about Iran’s concessions regarding nuclear weapons, but Western countries seem open to accepting a deal in which Iran would constrain its nuclear program in exchange for easing sanctions.

2. Managing aging parents’ finances

It’s the conversation many would like to avoid: talking about money with elderly parents. Kiplinger Associate Editor Jessica Anderson says the best idea is to talk about finances as early as possible, so later on, it’s not as taboo.

3. Shutdown’s economic impact

While stocks rallied on the shutdown deal, former Fed vice-chairman Alan Blinder says the deal avoids chaos, but nothing was accomplished regarding the underlying issues.  Blinder also weighs in on ObamaCare, and how it’s going to affect the economy.

4. Tom DeLay: American people lost with debt deal

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, (R-Texas) says the American people lost Wednesday night with the debt deal, because nothing was done about ObamaCare or runaway spending.  In his opinion, Americans can “see right through Harry Reid’s offer” to reach out to Republicans.

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