4 to Watch: Health-Care Biggest Concern for Retirees?

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1. Rising Health-Care Costs

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Time Warner is the latest company to move retirees off its health-care plan and onto private exchanges. What does that mean for retirees?  Manhattan Institute’s Paul Howard says retirees will need to shop around, consider deductibles between different plans and choose the best one for their needs. While the companies that are making the shift say retirees will see the same level of coverage, FBN’s Melissa Francis finds it hard to believe that cost-saving isn’t behind the move.

2. Planning for Retirement

Health-care costs are shifting from employers to employees, and the biggest concern for retirees is the cost of health coverage. PNC VP of Wealth Management Celandra Deane-Bess says many retirees are leaving the workforce before planned due to job uncertainty and health issues, putting a premium on the need for developing good retirement-savings habits early.

3. A Way Out of Military Action in Syria?

Are the Russians offering a peaceful solution for the Syria situation? FNC contributor Judith Miller says 80% of Americans are opposed to a strike on Syria, and Vladimir Putin appears to have handed President Obama a lifeline, in which Syria would hand over control of its chemical weapons. FNC national security analyst KT McFarland wonders how long Putin had planned his offer and what will happen next in the Middle East.

4. Economic Impact of Syria

Do we really know the true costs of any potential military action against Syria? Economist Jerry Bowyer says markets are moving because of the major stakes involved in Syria, and the threat of a strike has serious economic implications for the global economy.

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