4 to Watch: Do Buyers or Sellers Have an Edge in the Housing Market?

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1. Can fast food restaurants afford a $15-an-hour wage?

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While the minimum wage debate wages on, Moo Cluck Moo is raising starting wages to $15 an hour. Owner Brian Parker says the emphasis in his restaurant’s model is on the food and the crew, which adds up to 70% of cost. Parker says they’re not going into high-rent areas, and are being mindful of utilities and other fixed costs.

2. Is it better to be a buyer or seller in this housing market?

Housing, once the bright spot of the economy, is seeing its star fading as mortgage rates rise. John Burns Real Estate Consulting CEO John Burns weighs in on the decline of multiple bids on homes. He says while the housing market is slowing down, there’s no reason to panic.

3. America’s education endangering its future prosperity?

Students in the United States are getting out-educated by students abroad, and only 32% of students are proficient in math. ‘Endangering Prosperity’ author Eric Hanushek says our education system will have a big impact on our long-term productivity and prosperity. Hanushek says if we don’t educate our own citizens, we’ll need to bring in talent from overseas, which puts American workers at a disadvantage.

4. Can the financial crisis happen again?

Former TARP Special Inspector General Neil Barofsky says there’s a big profit in being ‘too big to fail,’ and he could absolutely see the financial crisis happening again. He says bailouts incentivize greater risk-taking, and makes the economy more dangerous as a whole.

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