4 to Watch: Buffett’s Young, Blonde Protégé Ruffling Feathers at Benjamin Moore?

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1. Warren Buffett protégé causing a stir?

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Warren Buffett isn’t known for micromanaging companies, but his protégé Tracy Britt is reportedly causing controversy as the chairman of Benjamin Moore. Recently-appointed CEO Bob Merritt abruptly left the 130-year-old company last month, and he was obviously displeased with something, says WSJ columnist Spencer Jakab. MaxFunds.com co-founder Jonas Max Ferris says Britt’s youth and looks may be ruffling feathers at the traditional paint company, but he points out that “you don’t get into Harvard Business School [based on] long blonde hair.”

2. Shutdown hurting your ability to get a mortgage?

On day nine of the government shutdown, prospective homeowners may find themselves out of luck when it comes to getting a mortgage. Auction.com Executive V.P. Rick Sharga says the shutdown has hurt the ability to process jumbo loans, and if you’re a lender who wants to play by the rules and manage risk, you’re more or less on hold while the government is on hiatus.

3. End of campaign finance limits?

Campaign contributions are taking center stage as the Supreme Court returns to work. Former Federal Election Commission Chairman Don McGahn says the court will likely strike the limit at issue, but he’s unsure whether the court will ban all limits on contributions. American Center for Law and Justice’s Jay Sekulow says the Supreme Court will continue doing what they’ve been doing, which is to continue to chip away at the rules surrounding campaign finance.

4. Shutdown’s impact on small business lending

Gold Coast Bank CEO Joe Perri says people need to calm down regarding the effects of the government shutdown on small businesses. Perri says community banks can pick up the slack when it comes to loans for small-business owners until the SBA reopens and resumes its lending responsibilities.

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