4 to Watch: Are Your Investments Getting Hacked?

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1. Rent-a-Wife for $40 an Hour?

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You can rent a car, rent a house – even expensive clothes and handbags. But renting a wife is a whole new concept, says Melissa Francis. Rent-a-Wife founder Juliette Bresnahan says her clients are very busy professionals who don’t have time for personal tasks, which she handles for $40 an hour. Her business is 99.9% word of mouth, and she takes care of chores from everyday errands to handling medical bills.

2. NY AG Files $40M Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

Even though New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is suing the real estate mogul for $40 million, Trump doesn't seem to be fazed, saying the lawsuit alleging Trump University is a fraud won't stick. But employment attorney Bill Frumkin says a similar suit was filed in California recently, and the case could have legs. Business consultant Shep Hyken says all potential students of any school need to do their due diligence by checking references and finding out: Is this school worth the cost?

3. Busting the Myths of 401(K) Investing

Set it and forget it? Charles Payne says that recipe may work in the kitchen, but may not be quite so successful when it comes to investing. Diversified Financial Consultants president Dominick Tavella says the industry has tried to educate participants, but investors need to take steps to learn more about their 401(k)s. What about investors who don’t have that many choices? Tavella shares his tips for making the most of your 401(k).

4. Mark Cuban: ‘Flash Freeze’ Wasn’t Just a Tech Snafu

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says every single digital asset is under attack – including the NASDAQ. He says aggressive individuals or organizations can easily destabilize the United States by hacking into the financial markets, which is why he’s been a huge opponent of high-frequency trading. Cuban argues that the stock markets are no longer built to be sources of capital, and now are merely platforms for hackers.

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