4 to Watch: Are More Women Taking Control of Finances?

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1. Who says nice guys finish last?

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Is killing employees with kindness the best way to manage a business? Honest Tea co-founders Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff share their startup playbook with FBN’s Melissa Francis. Goldman says he wants to treat stakeholders the way he wants to treat shareholders, and passionate employees are created thanks to compassionate managers.

2. Women taking charge of household finances?

Fidelity Investments Executive V.P. of Managed Accounts John Sweeney says a recent survey shows that one in four women are in charge of the family budget, and one in five are in charge of long-term financial planning. FBN’s Gerri Willis says she’s annoyed by women’s insecurities regarding investing, and Sweeney agrees that lack of confidence is a major problem when it comes to women.

3. Fed policies financing the White House?

‘Money, Gold and History’ author Lewis Lehrman says the Fed was supposed to cut back its money-printing, and  we now live in a world where the middle class is losing its purchasing power. Lehrman says the Fed’s policy creates real estate booms and stock market booms, which is only to the advantage of the investor class.

4. Risk of another downgrade for U.S.?

If the government shuts down, will stocks sink? Nuveen Asset Management Chief Strategist Bob Doll says there are big differences between what’s happening now and what occurred the last time the government ran the risk of a shutdown. Doll says markets hate uncertainty, but he thinks the U.S. will survive this current crisis without suffering permanent damage to the markets.

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