4 to Watch: Are Labor Laws Unfriendly to Families?

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1. Are Labor Laws Unfriendly to Families?

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More women are leaving their jobs – but not for the reason you think. A new study says more than 25% of women are choosing not to work because of unfriendly labor laws. Evangeline Gomez says the Family and Medical Leave Act excludes a lot of low-wage workers, but many of them can take advantage of flex-time in the U.S. Small business expert Susan Solovic says regulations are stifling enterprise, and to pass labor laws that hurt small businesses would damage the economic recovery.

2. How to Start Your Own Winery

Gerri Willis says owning acres of vineyards sounds lovely, but she wants to know: Can you turn this dream into a reality? MarketWatch Columnist Charles Passy says it’s not easy to do, but it is possible. He says the most important factor is land – and then a lot of patience. He says it can take up to 20 years for a vineyard to start paying off.

3. Little Reason for Fed to Begin Tapering Soon?

Despite the tapering talk from Fed presidents, SunTrust Bank Chief Economist Gregory Miller says yesterday’s economic data doesn’t give the Fed many reasons for optimism. Miller says Bernanke has given his bank presidents free rein to speak in public about tapering in order to add transparency to the process, but will it really begin in the near future?

4. Conrad Black Dishes on Zell and Bezos

Former media tycoon Conrad Black says Sam Zell loaded up the Tribune Company with debt and took a long time to peel off secondary assets. Black says Zell didn’t know how to be a publisher, and that he didn’t have enough experience to do a good job running The Chicago Tribune. And what will Amazon’s Jeff Bezos do with The Washington Post? Black shares his thoughts on the future of the D.C. paper.

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