4 to Watch: American Ingenuity at Dow Chemical

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1. Innovation for Everyday Life

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Dow Construction Materials Director Bill Wagner shares with FBN’s Liz Claman the hot new technologies that he says have the potential to improve American lives and save consumers money. They check out Dow’s energy-saving roofs that can cut cooling costs by 20%, and polymer technology that ensures that paint won’t crack, even in the harshest conditions.

2. Dow CEO: President Is Doing Right for Manufacturing

Dow Chemical Chairman, CEO and President Andrew Liveris says Dow’s scientists can improve life for all Americans – regardless of their incomes –by providing affordable technologies. Liveris says President Obama is doing the right things when it comes to encouraging manufacturing in the United States. Liveris adds that a lower corporate tax rate that’s revenue neutral will help Dow Chemical bring more high-paying jobs to Pennsylvania, which will then create jobs in surrounding neighborhoods.

3. Dow Chemical Launches Technology Center

Claman reports on the launch of Dow’s new technology center in Collegeville, PA, which will host 800 employees and the has capacity for 1,300 employees. She wants to know: Is this a promise for more manufacturing and R&D jobs in Pennsylvania?

4. Gov. Corbett: Manufacturing Creates Good Sustainable Jobs

Gov. Corbett says the launch of Dow’s technology center means a great day for Pennsylvania, as the company is signaling its intention to continue to grow in the state. He says the state’s recent focus on energy is allowing Pennsylvania to grow, because it’s helping to keep the cost of energy down for businesses.

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