4 to Watch: A-Rod’s Suspension All About Money?

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1. Is A-Rod’s Suspension All About Money?

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Yesterday, A-Rod was banned throughout the entire 2014 season, but the baseball star is appealing the decision. Is it all about the money for everyone involved? FOX Sports Radio Host J.T. ‘The Brick’ Tournour says despite the attention being paid to the sport, this is a dark day for Major League Baseball. He says the Yankees should be embarrassed, and baseball should be embarrassed as well.

2. The Risks of Taking a Loan from the Bank of Mom and Dad

Homebuyers are turning to parents when making a real estate purchase, but could these loans do more harm than good? Bankrate.com senior financial analyst Greg McBride says he understands getting a parental loan in high-priced markets. That said, for most buyers, he says if you can’t accumulate savings on a consistent basis before buying a home, you shouldn’t be in the market.

3. Little Progress in War on Terror?

FOX national security analyst KT McFarland says the amount of information released by the Obama administration may be giving too much insight to terrorists looking to harm Americans abroad. Terrorism expert Dr. Walid Phares says the administration has had trouble reading Al Qaeda, and the affiliates and offshoots of the terrorist organization are growing.

4. D.C. Avoiding the Debt Crisis?

Serving California Foundation founder and billionaire B. Wayne Hughes, Jr. says both sides in government are too lazy to get the job done. He says he and his family would likely not be able to accomplish the same rise to wealth today, given the regulatory and tax climate.

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