4 To-dos Before Your Summer Vacation

Small business owners usually work around the clock to keep their companies running and successful. However, even the hardest-working entrepreneur needs a vacation every now and then.

A recent survey from Staples found that 67% of small business owners are planning to take a “real” vacation this summer, meaning they’ll actually leave town. But letting go of the reigns for a week or so at a time is never easy, especially in a small business setting.

Here are some tips from Travelers Insurance on how to properly prepare for that vacation you have worked so hard for:

No. 1: Find replacement management, and pick the right person. The person you choose for this all-important task should be given a “test-run” as manager before you leave on your trip to be sure he or she is up for the gig.

No. 2: Train employees to properly manage while you’re away. Clients and customers shouldn’t even realize you are gone, so be sure you are communicating to your designated workers the way you would like to see the business run while you’re out. This means training them in how to handle a crisis as well, should one arise, Travelers said.

This should be a part of your best practices and corporate culture, and stems back to the way you screen and hire as a small business. A stronger workforce will work harder for your business and keep things running smoothly.

No. 3: Share your business continuity plan with your employees.  A continuity plan, or set of actionable guidelines to get your business running after an unexpected event, should be common knowledge in your business. Travelers said communicating this plan regularly and effectively is key in keeping your business on track while away. According to a recent survey from the insurance company, only about half of small businesses actually have such a plan in place.

Travelers said employees should know where they can access important information and who to get in touch with in the case of an unexpected event, such as vendors or customers.

No. 4: Have a project to-do list. Closing loopholes in ongoing projects is something to do before jetting off on your trip, Travelers said. Ask workers to update you on their progress and also outline anticipated projects before leaving.