4 Tips for Business Success from Bishop T.D. Jakes

Looking for success? You may have to change your mindset.

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“Instinct” author and bishop T.D. Jakes spoke with FBN’s Charles Payne Wednesday on what it takes to achieve business success. Here are some of his tips:

No. 1: Think global.

“You can’t be tribal and be a global thinker at the same time. The reason money is called currency is that it needs to be able to flow. And the issue is, do you have a vision that flows beyond people who look like you, think like you and vote like you? And if you’re going to do business, you can’t do segregated business and do it well,” Jakes said. “Most people think tribally … All of their relationships, their contacts, their associates are tribal and you block the ability to succeed when you block the ability to communicate beyond your tribe.”

No.2: Embrace the digital age.

“You don’t have to start big, you can start very small … one of the things I like about living in a social media age it has leveled the playing [field] for marketing and advancing your cause,” Jakes said.

No. 3: Show your commitment.

“If you’re going to attract investors, you need some data through which you’re going to be able to say to the investors: This is my skin in the game. This is my effort; this is my energy. You can’t get people to be invested where you’re distracted. You’ve got to invest in your own dream and then draw people into it,” Jakes advised.

No. 4: Look internally to find your passion.

“In the book I talk about dating yourself. You need to ask the kind of questions you would ask if you’re going on a date with somebody. What are you passionate about? What really turns you on? What makes you want to leap out of the bed in the morning? … What would you do if you had no fear? What would you do if you had the capital? I think you are the most powerful where you are the most passionate, and that’s where you need to focus your investment, your energy … and develop relationships that coincide with that,” Jakes said.

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