3 Ways Technology Can Find You the Best Talent

By Susan VitaleSmall BusinessAllBusiness.com

In our ultra-competitive business environment, having a great company culture isn’t always enough. It’s critical to proactively shine a light on what makes you different from the competition. Today, smart recruiting professionals channel this and go beyond simply asserting, “We’re a great company to work for.” They’re differentiating themselves with talent acquisition technologies that allow them to successfully vie for candidates in today’s heated up employment marketplace.

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Even with an incredible work environment, room for professional advancement, and a competitive compensation package, your business still needs to set itself apart – after all, isn’t your competition for talent saying that they offer all of the above, too? Talent acquisition software maximizes your advertising results, helps you connect with and nurture early-stage candidates, and streamlines your screening processes – all things that will give your business an edge in the war for top talent.

Today’s cloud-based technologies can drive powerful results for businesses looking to fill positions, and in ways that might surprise you, including:

1. Maximizing recruitment advertising returns. 

With technology, you can dramatically streamline your use of third-party job board postings and other recruitment marketing techniques while maximizing your return. For example, automated job posting tools allow businesses to post jobs to multiple third-party job boards, schedule communications in advance, and report in real time on source effectiveness. Social-enabled job distribution tools give hiring managers the ability to source, recruit, and hire talent through social networks, affordably maximizing employment brand reach and fueling valuable employee referral.

2. Connecting with candidates early in the pipeline. 

Recent iCIMS research found 78 percent of candidates agree that the professionalism, look, and feel of a company’s career portal is a moderately to highly important factor in deciding whether to apply for a job within the organization. Take a cue from this and work with a technology partner to develop a branded mobile-accessible online career portal that shares messages to keep candidates engaged and excited about your company. Your portal can also allow potential candidates to opt in through social media to subscribe to recruitment communications, building out your talent pool for future hiring needs.

3. Making the most of interviews. 

Leverage a cost-effective method that streamlines candidate screening: video. Many recruiters are now offering candidates the opportunity to record a video as part of the application process. This is not only helpful for businesses as it provides hiring managers a view into a candidate’s style and demeanor, but it is a feature that enables candidates to stand out among other applicants and give them an edge.

Businesses need every available advantage in this increasingly competitive market for best-fit talent. Smart talent acquisition technology can be the secret weapon that enables you to engage top talent by connecting with candidates early, often, and in a manner that distinguishes your company from the field.

Susan Vitale serves as Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS, a talent acquisition software provider. In this role, Susan directs iCIMS’s business strategy, developing new product lines, and exploring expansion into new international markets.

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