3 Holiday Job Hunting Tips


If you’re looking for a job during the holidays, it isn’t an easy endeavor. Outside of temporary, part-time seasonal jobs in retail, companies are not typically hiring much between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

There are management holiday vacations and the fact that for many companies the holiday season is a slow time of year. That being said, even if you can’t find a job during the holidays, there are a few things you can do to make yourself more desirable as a potential employee.

1. Network While You Socialize Use this holiday party season to your job-seeking advantage. Make every party you attend and every dinner with friends and family your chance to get your foot in the door. Go to that friend’s office holiday party and make it a point to meet at least three new people. It’s making those new connections and getting your name out there that will help give you an edge when there is a job opening. You may also have an advantage by finding out about a prospect before it even goes public.

2. Get a Business Card Just because you don’t work for somebody right now, doesn’t mean you don’t have marketable skills. There’s nothing wrong with having a business card to promote yourself. Make sure you have enough printed for every holiday party you attend. If you’re handy enough to make professional-looking ones at home on the computer, that’s great. If not, buying 100 business cards online can be done for less than $20.

3. Send Holiday Greeting Cards Take advantage of the season. Create a list of everyone who might be a good contact or who has helped you in your career search. Send a holiday card with a personal note. You don’t need to turn the card into a resume, but it’s important to thank people and to make sure you’re in their thoughts. As with each of these tips, the point of using the holidays to your advantage is to keep reminding potential contacts and employers that you are ready and available. Although you may not be able to land a job during the holiday season, you can definitely take advantage of the opportunities you won’t have at any other time of the year. The connections you make now could lead to a new job in 2014.

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