2016 Presidential Race Brought SNL’s ‘Donald Trump’ Out of Retirement

Former Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member Darrell Hammond remembers meeting Donald Trump after doing an impersonation of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

“It was at a party on Broadway. I can’t remember what the occasion was, I think it was maybe an SNL event and [Trump] approached me, I had [impersonated him] one time,” Hammond told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Hammond said it wasn’t a typical meeting.

“I found it interesting that he didn’t say ‘Hi, I’m Donald … Hi, I’m Mr. Trump,’ or something.  He said, ‘You’re going to make big money because of me. Huge money, so much money you’re going to say Donald stop it, I’m making too much money,’” Hammond said.

The actor said he has come out of retirement because of the abundance of material available for comedians from the 2016 presidential race.

“I was completely retired and living in New Orleans listening to wind chimes and living with my girlfriend and then Lorne called,” said Hammond, referring to SNL Executive Producer Lorne Michaels.