11-Year Old Mets Fan Duped by Topps Gives Refund to The Jackie Robinson Foundation

11-year old Mets fan William Smith used $175 of his own birthday money to purchase a signed Daniel Murphy bat from Topps, but when the slugger broke the homerun record and reached the World Series, the company cancelled his order. He shared his story with the FOX Business Network’s Sandra Smith.

“We ordered prior to when he broke the homerun record so I personally think that they shouldn’t have cancelled the order at all,” he said.

After reaching out to The New York Daily News with his story, the CEO of the Major League Baseball Alumni Association, which according to Smith’s father was working with Topps.com, apologized, refunded the money and sent William the bat.

William then donated the refunded money to the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

“He decided to stand up for himself… and he really even inspired me,” said William’s dad Patrick.