11-year-old invents hot car alert for parents

11-year-old Bishop Curry has invented a device that could save the lives of children across the country from hot cars.

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Curry has invented a device that would be installed in cars to alert parents and authorities if a child has been left in a hot car.

“It has a temperature monitor on it and once it gets to a certain degrees, it detects [if] there is a person in the car,” said Bishop’s mom, Tia Curry, “Then it has a fanning cooling system and it starts to cool the car. It’s simultaneously alerting the parents and alerting the authorities.”

Bishop told FBN’s Stuart Varney that he has applied for a patent.

“The patent office says it’ll be available in a year,” said Bishop.  His mom explained that he had approximately four months left before they would get word back on the patent.

Bishop’s mom added that his goal is to keep the product affordable.

“Bishop wants to keep the prices really reasonable, so most families, if not all families, can afford it. So we’re looking for under fifty dollars,” explained Tia Curry.

According to the group Kids and Cars, 804 children have died from being left in hot cars since 1994.