11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Makes Bow Ties Cool

At an age when most boys can’t even successfully put on a bow tie, 11-year-old entrepreneur Moziah Bridges is selling thousands of them.

With his business, Mo’s Bows, Bridges is making and selling handcrafted, brightly patterned bow ties from his home city of Memphis, Tennessee. The bow ties are priced from $25 to $50.

This morning, FBN’s Stuart Varney asked the precocious “kid-preneur” whether his parents pushed him to start the company.

His response? “This is entirely Moziah,” he said.

Though Varney said he doesn’t own any bow ties – and his wife won’t let him buy any – Bridges, a natural salesman, did his best to convince the anchor to switch to Mo’s Bows.

“You should really try a bow tie. Let me tell you something, Stu. Bow ties make you look good and feel good … C’mon, Stu. It’s 2013! You should be wearing a bow tie right now,” said Bridges.

While Varney tried to pass on some valuable advice to Bridges to save the money he earns from the fledgling company, Bridges said he’s already on it.

“I’m a businessman, and I know not to spend my money whenever. I just know not to spend my money all willy-nilly. I know to save and buy me a Mini-Cooper when I get older,” said the pint-size fashion designer.