10 Majors That (Almost) Guarantee You a Great Job

People fortunate enough to get their degrees are likely to end up with good careers, but not all majors are equal. Some can lead to more prestigious jobs than others.

Below is a short summary of 10 majors that are most likely to help you land an excellent job after college:

1. Chemical Engineering

All engineering majors are good choices if you want to land a high-paying job, but chemical engineering is definitely the king. It's also the most difficult one, so keep that in mind before jumping in. If you are interested in chemistry and science, this is the degree for you.

2. Electrical Engineering

Think about it: Pretty much everything in your house depends on electrical engineering of some kind. Your fridge, your T.V., your iPad, and your washing machine all contain electronic components.

Were you the kind of kid who loved to break the electronics in your house and try to fix them? Then you should give electrical engineering a look.

3. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is similar to electrical engineering, but it focuses on material science and physics instead of electronics. If you're interested in designing and manufacturing machinery, mechanical engineering might be a good choice for you.

4. Computer Science

This major has quickly become indispensable, thanks to the critical role computers play in our lives these days. Our world would not be the same without computer science! As a result, today, most of the top-paying jobs are connected to computer science.

5. Medicine

Medicine has been a top field for centuries and has always been a respected occupation. What's more, doctors are now much better paid than ever before – not to mention you get to save lives and look after people, which is pretty cool, too.

6. Architect

One way to determine if your major will lead to a good career is to think about whether or not there will always be a need for people in your field. Architect is one such trade that will probably never disappear. We'll always need people to design beautiful and safe buildings.

7. Designer

A relatively new career, "design" refers to a broad field of expertise. Designers are needed in all sorts of industries, including fashion, advertising, home decoration, merchandise, and much, much more. A brand's image is just as important as its products, and this is why designers' skills will always come in handy.

8. Law

People will always need lawyers – and, if you are a lawyer, your expertise doesn't come cheap. Lawyers are needed not only for criminal cases, but also for many business and professional purposes. The field is a lot more flexible than you may have realized.

9. Business

When you major in business, you learn everything there is to know about successfully running a company. This pretty much guarantees that you'll always be able to find a high-paying job. After all – business is big business! You can go into a number of industries with your business degree. Heck, you can even start your own corporate empire, if you so desire!

10. Accounting

Working with other people's money is likely to make you quite a bit of your own money. No successful business can survive without an accountant. If you like working with numbers and money, then think about heading into the accounting field.

In the end, it must be said that you shouldn't choose your major based solely on your career prospects. Your degree should be in a field that you love and feel a natural affinity for. That way, you can be sure to land not just any job, but a job you love. High salaries are nice, but they're rarely enough to keep you happy for the long term.