Comey has leaked, lied: Kennedy

When you think of people flipping on each other out of desperation the ones who come to mind are those who've been charged in the Russian collusion investigation. Instead the teetering pantheon of former Hillary fan army soldiers are turning on each other like dizzy ballerinas.

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Loretta lynch, Andrew McCabe and of course James Comey have been polishing their resumes and their steely knives in order to sell their stories and shiv each other to professional death.

Comey's book tour has been a buffet of delicious contradictions where he has lied about his lies, rationalized other liars and danced around facts that could ultimately damage people like Loretta Lynch who supposedly has some Hillary scented skeletons in her classified closet.

Andrew McCabe whispered hr-secrets to the Wall Street Journal and the DOJ inspector general found that he should not only be fired, tonight his case was referred to a federal prosecutor.

Just yesterday 11 Republican congressmen sought several Obama-era heads on matching silver platters. Comey claims andi-cap is a good person, but a big fat liar, and he launched an investigation to get to the bottom of the leaking lying.

Comey has also leaked, and lied, and if you believe Andrew McCabe's lawyer, Andy told Jim-the-giraffe about the plan that was leakier than a full diaper in a kiddie pool. Comey said there should be "severe consequences" for lying "throughout the government", so would this benevolent buffoon punish himself for the exact same acts?

It's no wonder lawmakers are asking for justice. Tipping off a newspaper is child's play compared to the very adult acts of gross negligence Hillary committed with her rinky dink, bleached server.

The question is will Comey chant "lock her up" when his head is on the chopping block? It would make one hell of an epilogue to both of their books, and they'll have plenty of time to peck out corrections in the clink.