Rick Perry rips Biden's energy agenda as Hurricane Ian threatens oil production: 'Dumb and dumber'

Hurricane Ian barrels towards southwest Florida, prompting oil companies to evacuate workers

Former Energy Secretary Rick Perry warned against America becoming energy dependent Wednesday as Hurricane Ian forces oil companies to evacuate workers off the coast of Florida. On "Mornings with Maria," Perry argued the Biden administration "took a real chance" by pulling oil from the strategic reserves to stir the economy and by enabling Russia to activate Nord Stream 2 pipeline.


RICK PERRY: I'm reminded of "Dumb and Dumber" when we think about where we're at in this situation today. We've been saying that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve should always have been used for a natural disaster instead of moving the economy or trying to move the economy on the price of gas. And the Biden administration took a real chance with the American people. The people of Florida could really be in a scrape right now from the standpoint of the availability of fuel. Hope that doesn't happen. But the point is we've told people for the last four years on Nord Stream 2, if you allow Putin to be able to be the sole source of energy for Europe, he will use it as a weapon against you. You even hear the current administration parroting that. But they're the ones that allowed this Nord Stream 2 pipeline to go forward. They're the ones that are dealing with the Iranians today. I go back to that quote that you just had on "Dumb and Dumber."