Gas prices near $3 in these states as US average hits 2019 high

Gas prices across the country are ticking upward, as the national average hovers at its highest level so far this year.

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The national average as of Wednesday was $2.88 per gallon, according to AAA, about four cents higher than last week and up about 63 cents since the beginning of the year.

In terms of the drain on drivers’ wallets, a worker making median income would have to work 22 percent more to buy one gallon of gas when compared with the beginning of the year.

And by the upcoming U.S. Memorial Day holiday weekend, analysts at AAA expect the national average will surpass $3 per gallon.

As previously reported by FOX Business, a number of seasonal factors were expected to push prices higher this spring, with analysts expecting a peak near $3 per gallon before prices cooled off. However, the Trump administration will end waivers granted to certain countries allowing them to import oil from Iran this week, which could constrain the global oil supply and push U.S. gas prices up even further.

While prices in California have already crossed the $4 per gallon mark, thanks to refinery outages, here are the other states where prices are at or near $3 per gallon, according to AAA:

Hawaii: $3.63 per gallon

Washington: $3.51 per gallon

Nevada: $3.45 per gallon

Oregon: $3.40 per gallon

Alaska: $3.39 per gallon

Arizona: $3.13 per gallon

Idaho: $3.06 per gallon

Pennsylvania: $3.05 per gallon

Utah: $3.04 per gallon

Getting close…

Connecticut: $2.99 per gallon

Illinois: $2.98 per gallon

New York: $2.96 per gallon

New Jersey: $2.93 per gallon