These cities will have the most jobs in 2019

Thanks to one of the tightest labor markets in more than a decade, jobs are aplenty right now: According to a new study published by ManpowerGroup, 23 percent of U.S. employers expect to ramp up their workforce by March.

That’s one of the strongest hiring intentions in years, according to the world’s third-largest staffing firm, which conducted more than 12,500 interviews to gauge hiring trends in 2019.

And the hot-hiring trend is unlikely to slow down anytime soon, despite uncertainties about global growth. Experts anticipate that the nearly 50-year low employment rate of 3.7 percent will continue, if not decline further.

The study found that in all 13 national industry sectors, employers anticipated an increase in payrolls during the first quarter of 2019, led by transportation and utilities (up 28 percent), leisure and hospitality (up 27 percent) and professional and businesses (up 25 percent).

Although most employers expected to boost the size of their workforce by the end of the March, some areas were more promising than others, in terms of job availability.

Florida led the pack, nabbing the top four spots. Deltona, Cape Coral, Tampa and Jacksonville (which tied with Raleigh, North Carolina), rounded out with respective net employment outlooks of 37 percent, 32 percent, 31 percent and 29 percent, according to the study. North Port, meanwhile, took the No. 8 spot, with a net employment outlook of 25 percent.

If the Sunshine State isn’t for you, there are other options: Boise City, Idaho came in at No. 5, at 28 percent, followed by Chattanooga, Honolulu at No. 6, with 27 percent. San Jose, Texas, meanwhile, garnered the No. 7 spot with 26 percent.