The best and worst states for working parents

Child care costs in America are high – and getting even higher – and they are having an impact on parents’ decisions of where and when to work. According to a survey from, 63 percent of parents said the cost of child care influenced their career decisions. also found that childcare is unaffordable to seven out of 10 American families, with an average weekly cost of $211 for a day care center, $195 for a family care center and $580 for a nanny. One in three families spends 20 percent or more of their annual household income on child care.

Child care expenses vary across the country, with a red-hot job market ripe with opportunities for those looking to change jobs, for working parents looking to save on costs – relocating to a new state may be a good idea.

Here are the most and least expensive states for child care, as ranked by

For those interested in a child care center --

The most affordable states:

1.      North Dakota

2.      Utah

3.      Wyoming

4.      Delaware

5.      South Dakota

The least affordable states:

1.      Washington, D.C.

2.      Oregon

3.      California

4.      New Mexico

5.      Massachusetts

For those who want a nanny --

The most affordable states:

1.      Maryland

2.      New Jersey

3.      Connecticut

4.      New Hampshire

5.      North Dakota

The least affordable states:

1.      Mississippi

2.      New Mexico

3.      Arkansas

4.      Alabama

5.      Louisiana